Colorado International Film Festival

Congratulations to the Winners and Official Finalists of the 2013 Colorado International Film Festival! Click here to view a complete list of this year's winning films and screenplays.

We are currently accepting entries for the 2014 Colorado International Film Festival and Awards.

The Colorado International Film Festival strives to set a standard for excellence in recognizing the important work of emerging talent and masters of the cinema craft around the world. Quite simply, it is our mission to discover and celebrate extraordinary films. This year's festival will see over $5,000 in prizes awarded to the winners.

The Colorado International Film Festival recognizes excellence in filmmaking in several categories with the prestigious Colorado Film Awards. The Awards Committee awards deserving films and screenplays in the following categories: Feature Film, Documentary Film, Short Film, Animation, Student Film, Feature Screenplay, Short Screenplay, Direction, Music Video, First-Time Director, Cinematography, Experimental Films, Editing, Acting and a Screenplay Competition.

In addition, Special Jury Prizes, cash awards, and prizes from our sponsors will be awarded to several standout films and screenplays at the discretion of the Jury.

The Colorado International Film Festival was created as a platform to provide recognition to superior and standout films, screenplays, and artists who demonstrate excellence and originality in their work and crafts.

The Colorado International Film Festival is a non-traditional online film festival. Films are not physically screened for the public. The 2014 Colorado International Film Festival Winners and Official Finalists will be announced via our official website, targeted email blast, social media, and Internet promotional channels on July 21, 2014. It is requested, though not required, that awards won be mentioned in the promotional materials of the films being awarded. Awarded films may be displayed on our official YouTube channel and our social media pages at the discretion of the winning filmmakers.

The Colorado Film Awards is a trademark owned by the Colorado International Film Festival.